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Stenopelmatus/Jerusalem cricket or potato bug

3 D Max & Photoshop Painting

Creature Design Dystopia World Project


ree provided me with a maya model screeshot for the bug and I tried to create something different . Dystopia shows a world which is post apocalyptic , yet it is governed by a ruthless dictator who could be a human being  or a machine or an amalgamation of both . Who is precise as a clock , shiny and lifeless like steel  ! It crawls on a leaf , depicting

the dominance over natural resources.
The potato bug depicts a low key agent of that dictator . I drew  an old and rusty helmet with a shiny and reflective back for the bug , depicting the contradiction . 

Dirty Hand 

This creature design is kinda tricky . The dirty hand depicts a robot which does all the dirty works for the dictator

or in this scenario , the corrupt corporate .  According to Sree , it has to portray temptation , power , squalor and obedience towards the dictator .  
I started with a  3d hand screenshot and painted over the Helmet . I've chosen the texture  of the hand carefully which represents the dirt primarily ,  in order to have a contrast with the thick red lips which represents temptation . The nails send out a clear warning that thou should not mess with me ! 
The glittering golden handle depicts the fact that there's lot of money riding to do the dirty work .



This creature is massive and is carrying someone very important .The beast is  completely under control and obeys every command . Hence I added a helmet with an antenna depicting the same mechanical obedience . The carriage is more like a cocoon here depicting a cabin for a mysterious life form , with two very solid frameworks embedded in the body of  the Diplodocus . Primarily a screenshot of a Maya model forms the basis of this design with draw overs thereafter .


According to the main idea  of the this shot , the pigeons represents frail and weak governments , primarily a pawn in the hands of the corporate bodies .
The rock pigeon's texture with the grooved mechanical helmet with big blue and lifeless eyes  almost shows a sad and frightened  entity whose wings are clipped. 


The Pteranodons are supposed to be like spying drones in this universe hunting for a lifeform. However , Sree

wanted these guys to don a separate hat , which is of the Klan's ! these Pteranodons depict the white supremacist groups scanning the area for a successful recruited. Hence the white Hat and the blue lifeless eyes to portray

the loyalty towards the dictator .


3The tanks represent war in this universe . I tried a vintage look with the torn threads hanging in the front , which depicts people's lives ,  hanging on a piece of thread. Drawover on a cg screenshot .


 I tried to  incorporate the feel of a rusty , old city with a LOT of dirt . Even the sky is rusted. This city depicts

the world we inhabit . The buildings depict broken relationships , the satellite depicts lack of communication

and the dirt depicts a general apathy towards anything positive. It's a draw over on a cg screenshot .

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