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About me

I am an illustrator, Graphic designer and concept artist based in Montreal, Canada. I started traditional painting with renowned master of Persian miniature (Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri) in Iran in late 90s. I also studied Illustration at Dawson college and Syn studio strengthened and perfected my skills as an illustrator. I am proficient in traditional as well as in digital techniques. Conceptually my work is reflective of my cultural background. The combination of the elements of an ancient culture and modern techniques has given a unique charm to my work. My work is stylized, cultural, ornamental as well as creative.

My work has been on exhibition in multiple occasions in Iran and Canada namely; in the 4th biennial of Persian painting at the Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, Iran in 2004 and The Space Exhibition at Dawson college, Montreal in 2017. 

I love working on editorial, children book, advertising, concept art,… . I have started illustration for 20 years. I have experience as freelancer, teaching, mural artist, … .

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